MO71 – My favourite graphical administrator for WebSphere MQ

An example of MO71 showing objects selected from two queue managersThis little gem by MQGem Software is a graphical tool for administering IBM® WebSphere® MQ queue managers. It is a program that runs on Windows (although it can provide read only access for other platforms through its web interface). It is called MO71 because that was its designation when it was an MQ SupportPac, but it is now managed and updated by MQGem Software. It was originally written as a monitoring program for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and has evolved over the years into the feature rich tool that it now is. The administrator provides a wealth of configuration and monitoring capabilities including:-

  • MQ Object Configuration and Display
  • Multi-Queue Manager objects in a single display
  • Flexible and extensive object filtering
  • MQ Event monitoring
  • Web Browser Object View
  • Improved wildcard handling
  • MQSC Interface
  • Queue Load/Unload capability
  • Network topology display
  • Object definition export
  • Message browsing, display and formatting
  • Message copy, delete and forwarding
  • Object search and verification
  • Queue Manager monitoring
  • Object and status monitoring
  • Object and status graphing
  • MQI API Exerciser
  • Predefined dialog views and groups
  • Auto Dialog refresh
  • Highlight object differences from default definition
  • Single console monitor view
  • Ability to simplify user front-end for different use patterns
  • Extensive look-and-feel configuration capability
  • Compare definitions between two Queue Managers and synchronise
  • Single .EXE install (around 2MB), you can run it from a USB stick
  • and more………

It can only run on Windows, but can be used to manage queue managers on many more platforms by connecting to the queue manager using a client connection. This includes connecting to and managing z/OS queue managers.

This category of posts will include more detail about these features in MO71 and hints on how to get the best out of this little gem. Since it has been around for so many years, there will be a surprising number of features that you may never have noticed!

An example of MO71 showing its graphing facility


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