MQSCX – A great way to issue MQSC commands

MQSCX example showing a list of queuesMQSC is the command line language for configuring and managing the IBM MQ product. The MQSCX tool (Extended MQSC) is a little gem produced by MQGem Software which improves your experience of issuing MQSC commands over using runmqsc, by providing these features:-

  • Command retrieval
  • Command auto-completion
  • Enhanced WHERE() clause
  • New FIND() option
  • Improved wildcard handling
  • Undo/Redo support
  • Command synonyms
  • Single key press commands
  • Multiple Queue Manager configuration
  • Multi-column display
  • Multiple command entry
  • Repeat command capability
  • Stop on first error support
  • Find string in output
  • Improved object separator handling
  • Response totals
  • Finer security granularity, no need to be ‘mqm’ group
  • and more………

It can run on a number of different platforms, including Windows, Linux and AIX, and can be used to manage queue managers on many more platforms by connecting to the queue manager using a client connection. This includes connecting to and managing z/OS queue managers.

This category of posts will include more detail about these features in MQSCX and hints on how to get the best out of this little gem.

An example of MQSCX illustrating the repeat command


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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