Support for IBM MQ V8

MQGem Software tools support IBM MQ V8.

After successful beta program’s for both MQSCX and MO71, both tools now support IBM MQ V8. If you already have a license for the tool, you can download and use the new version at no additional charge.

What does it mean for these tools to support V8? The main feature to allow support for a new version is to ensure new objects, object attributes, and commands are recognised. MO71 displays objects and their attributes and so must be able to create, display and allow updates for anything new. MQSCX allows tab-auto-completion for command keywords, object attributes and attribute values, and so must be aware of all new keywords, attributes and values.

In addition, there may be features in a release that the tools should make use of. The new user ID and password validation feature called Connection Authentication was one such feature. Both MO71 and MQSCX allow the provision of a user ID and password which can be validated by an MQ V8 queue manager.

In addition to supporting IBM MQ V8, the new versions of the tools have other features that you might be interested in using even though you are not yet using IBM MQ V8.

For MQSCX, these include:-

For MO71, these include:-


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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