MQGem at Capitalware’s MQ Technical Conference v2.0.1.4

MQTC 2014 Sponsor sign

Conference sponsors

MQGem Software was a Silver Sponsor of the Capitalware MQ Technical Conference this September, in Sandusky, Ohio. Everyone agreed that the conference was a great success, with the attendees commenting on the wide variety and depth of the technical information provided. Not only that, the catering was impressive – we were continually having cakes and cookies thrust at us during the breaks! The MQ community owes a debt of thanks to Roger Lacroix and his team at Capitalware, and MQGem would like to extend its thanks for the effort that they put into making the event such a success.

Paul Clarke was there as a speaker on a number of IBM MQ subjects, including channels and clients, and also presenting a vendor session about the MQGem tools.

MQTC 2014 MQGem USB Key

MQGem USB Key from MQTC 2014 Conference

In the vendor session, Paul gave out MQGem USB keys which contained the latest versions of MO71 and MQSCX, along with a trial license for the conference attendees to use for one month after the end of the conference. If you’d like to try out the products yourself, but you weren’t at the conference, you can download the programs from the MQGem website, and email to request a trial license.

The sessions were very well attended, and there were only just enough USB keys to go round – next year more keys will be needed since the attendance at this conference is clearly growing.

The session presented some of the less well known features of MO71, those features that have previously resulted in exclamations of, “I didn’t know it could do that!” For example, lots of people still haven’t realised that MO71 can show the results of a list of objects from multiple queue managers in a single dialog; for instance, you could look at the current depths of all your dead letter queues in one dialog.

Another feature that caused a lot of excitement and questions was pre-defined dialogs. This is the feature that allows you to preset all the aspects of a display window and invoke it with a single click, or even choose to have it appear at startup. As an example, you could pre-define a dialog that shows all the transmission queues with messages on them; or show all the queues that are more than half full; or all the channels that are retrying.

A number of the features were demonstrated in a real hands on session, for example the new MQSCX control language, showing how you could easily collate the responses back from the command server, into a single sorted list.

I’m sure everyone attending sincerely hopes that MQTC becomes a fixed date in the MQ calendar, and that it continues to go from strength to strength. MQGem would recommend anyone looking for MQ Education to seriously consider this conference which offers excellent value for money. Not only were there 85 technical sessions, but also ample opportunity to talk to the MQ experts from IBM.

MQGem looks forward to supporting the conference in the future.

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