Automatically import your local queue managers

The recently available version of the MO71 administrative GUI tool from MQGem Software included a new feature to automatically import any local queue managers detected on the Windows machine where you run the GUI. It will detect all queue managers of any installation on the machine, not only those of the installation you are currently using, and pop up a list where you can choose to import the ones you want, or ignore the import entirely. You can see this in action in this video (link deliberately starts at 3m14s in).

Import Local QMgrs

The MO71 File menu allows you to re-drive the import of local queue managers

You can also re-drive the import from the File menu at any time. This can be handy if you’ve just created a new queue manager. And of course, you can add the locations in manually if you prefer, as well as edit the imported ones after the locations are created to change the location labels and any other settings.


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