MO71 version 8.0.2

A new version of MO71, our GUI Administrative tool for IBM MQ, was released recently.

The main changes in V8.0.2 that are new since V8.0.1 are as follows:-

Usage Tailoring changes

A few new keywords are allowable in the AUT file to control how MO71 looks to users. If you’ve never tried tailoring MO71, this video will introduce you to the idea. It shows how you can remove menu items from the UI and limit the commands you can issue to the command server.

Export Timestamp date format

You can now set the format of the date column in the auto-export timestamp. This is set in the Export tab of the Preferences Dialog.

Refresh Align Dialog

You could do a refresh on the hour, every hour for example.

Auto Refresh Alignment

It is now possible to specify a dialog alignment time as well as a refresh interval. For example, you can now say that you wish to refresh the dialog every hour on the hour. Or you could perhaps refresh daily at 9am.

Export file inserts

You can now use file inserts for a normal dialog export

Display location in multi-Queue Manager lists

It is now possible to display the location, as well as the Queue Manager name, in multi-Queue Manager lists. The location will also be exported in Text, CSV and XML mode. The location is also shown in a Queue Manager dialog.

Webaccess by MO71

You can use MO71 to allow web access to view your queue manager config

Web Page Class names

CSS class names of mo71listtable and mo71objecttable have been added to the generated HTML browser pages. This means you can now more easily change the look at feel of the generated data.

Web Access configuration

Greater control of the web access behaviour has been provided in the preference dialog.

Attribute List format changed

To deal with the ever increasing combinations of fields valid for each Queue Manager version the way in which lists are stored has changed. Extensive testing has been done to try and ensure compatibility with previous versions however with changes of this nature it is always possible that there are some discrepancies. If you notice differences please let us know.

New Preference option to set list flash interval

By using filter functions flash() and flashcell() you can ask for certain elements of a list display to flash periodically. By default the period is once a second. However, you can now set this interval to a longer value if required in the ‘List’ tab of the Preference Dialog. If you’ve never used flashing in your filters before, you can see it in action in this video (start time deliberately set to 29 seconds). Look to the top right of the screen where a cell in the list is flashing.

Export and Auto-Export available from MQSC Dialog

You can now export the data in the MQSC dialog, in just the same way as was previously available for other dialogs in MO71.

New filter functions

  • sortd2() Set descending secondary sort order
  • showcol() Show a new column in a list display
  • hidecol() Hide a column in a list display
  • htmlfile() Allows you to specify the base HTML file for Web access

To get a copy of the new version of MO71, just go to the download page on the MQGem Website. This new version can be used with your current license. If you don’t have an MO71 license and would like to try out MO71, please email us on to request a trial license.

There is now a newer version of MO71, V8.0.3. Read more about it in MO71 version 8.0.3 is released.


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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