MO71 version 8.0.3 is released

MQGem Software is pleased to announce that a new version of MO71, our GUI Administrative tool for IBM MQ, is now available.

The main features of the release are as follows:-

MQ 801 Goody Bag

Support for IBM MQ Command Level 801

Read What is an 801 Queue Manager? and What’s in Command Level 801 to learn more about Command Level 801 and how to use it.

UPDATE: And in the latest revision, MO71 also supports Command Level 802 which was introduced in Fix Pack 3.

Support for IBM MQ Appliance

The MQ Appliance is a Command Level 801 queue manager in an appliance form factor. Lots of great information about the MQ Appliance can be found at

Object Name Checking

MO71 will now validate any defined names against your installation naming conventions. Read more in Following your naming convention.

Object Name Comparison matching

MO71 can now compare the object definitions of two Queue Managers where the names are not the same. For example, comparing Q1.TST and Q1.PRD on test and production Queue Managers. Read more in Following your naming convention.

Trace Route Messaging

MO71 now allows you to use the trace message functionality in the IBM MQ base product. By selecting a source Queue Manager and putting one or more trace messages to a target destination, MO71 will automatically show you the route the message took in a diagram like this one:-
Example Trace Message Diagram

Disable the use of SSL V3.0 CipherSpecs

In line with the change in the IBM MQ product to, by default, disable the selection of SSL V3.0 CipherSpecs, MO71 also, by default, does not offer them as a choice for you when defining a channel. Read more about why it is important to move off SSL V3.0 in Know your protocol.

Web Access Improvements

Displaying your MQ objects from a browser have been improved by using iframes, enabling displays such as this:-
Default MO71 Web Access layout

Various user requested usability improvements

As always, there are many customer requests for enhancements. Here are a few that were added in V8.0.3. Thank you for your requests. If you have a request for an enhancement to MO71, please free free to drop me a line at

  • Location Name
    The length of the location name in a location definition has been increased from 49 bytes to 99 bytes.
  • MQSC from Command Menu in MO71MQSC command available in the Commands context menu
    To make it easier to access the MQSC dialog command has been added to the commands context menu.
  • MQSC can now auto export multiple commands
    Auto export was added to the MQSC dialog in the previous release but multiple commands were not supported. In this release you can now issue multiple commands, such as reading the commands from a file, and have them auto-exported to a file.
  • Support for DISPLAY SUB(*) DISTYPE
    When you display the list of subscriptions you can decide whether the returned topic strings should contain the topic object stems or just contain the defined values.
  • Queue load feature now supports explicit setting of Read-Ahead and Async-Put options
    Previously MO71 would use the default setting for these values. This could be inconvenient if you want applications to use one setting and MO71 to use another. So, you can now explicitly set whether you want to set these values on. They are on by default since they can offer a significant performance advantage over slow client links and there is little real disadvantage in using the options.

The new version can be downloaded from the MO71 Download Page. Any current licensed users of MO71 can run the new version on their existing licence. If you don’t have a licence and would like to try out MO71 then send a note to and a 1-month trial licence will be sent to you.

There is now a newer version of MO71, V8.0.4. Read more about it in MO71 version 8.0.4 is released.


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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