MO71 version 8.0.4 is released

MQGem Software is pleased to announce that a new version of MO71, our GUI Administrative tool for IBM MQ, is now available.

UPDATE: In a later update to MO71 V8.0.4, import of queue managers from a CCDT file was added.

The main features of the release are as follows:-

MO71 Main window showing QM Search and Connect All Menu option

Searching for only QMgrs containing “MQ8” then can connect to only those shown

Main window Queue Manager search field

To make it easier to find Queue Managers in the list you can now enter a search field which will limit the contents of the list to only those locations which contain the search text.

Connect All/Disconnect All Support

You can now ask MO71 to connect to or disconnect from all the displayed Queue Managers. This combines very well with the above search bar to change which queue managers are shown and then connect, or disconnect, to only those shown.

Channel Mask added to Application Definition

Application monitoring uses the Application Tag and Application Description fields to identify the applications. Unfortunately sometimes these values are not as distinct as one would like. This often happens in the Java environment where a number of different applications may be all called ‘java.exe’. To improve the situation MO71 now allows you to associate particular channels with particular applications.


The console can now be filtered by QM Group. Event processing is also improved.

‘QM Group’ in Console list

When viewing the console you can now filter the results by ‘QM Group’. This means that you can effectively have multiple console displays each showing an area of your MQ network.

Improvements to the event message formatting

Both message browsing and console display of event messages have been improved.

Message browsing over the Web improvements

New HTML inserts %[curr] and %[currpos] have been added to allow you to construct an HTML template file which modifies the way in which a message is displayed.

HTML template specification in URLs

In any HTML link you can now include the HTML file name you want MO71 to use as a base for the response.

Option added to location definition to control whether browsing queues is allowed over the Web Interface

Browsing is allowed by default but can be switched off if required.

IBM MQ Name Change

WebSphere MQ has been renamed to IBM MQ. This has been reflected in the MO71 program and the documentation.

The new version can be downloaded from the MO71 Download Page. Any current licensed users of MO71 can run the new version on their existing licence. If you don’t have a licence and would like to try out MO71 then send an email to and a 1-month trial licence will be sent to you.

There is now a newer version of MO71, V9.0.0. Read more about it in MO71 version 9.0.0 is released.


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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