Novel use of MQSCX foritem

When we provide features in our tools and utilities, we don’t always think of all the ways they can be used, and our customers surprise us by finding novel ways to use features. This is the case in the new example script, mqauthlist.mqsx, available in our Example Scripts bundle.

MQSCX has a feature called foritem which works very like foreach but instead of iterating over the responses from a command like DISPLAY QLOCAL, it iterates over the items in a list, for example the NAMES in a namelist, as shown in the example below which is copied out of the MQSCX manual:-

    print _item

foritem loopHowever, foritem will happily iterate over ANY comma-separated list, it doesn’t have to be one that was returned by the queue manager in answer to an MQSC command.

This is demonstrated in the new sample, by hand-crafting the list of queue managers to interrogate, and then using foritem to iterate over each queue manager in the list. Here’s how:-

@qmlist = "PRDQM01,PRDQM02,PRDQM03,PRDQM04,PRDQM05"

** Process each queue manager in the list
  if( _item != _qmgr )
    =conn client qm(<_item>) wait(60)
  ** Issue commands to the queue manager here

This snippet also demonstrates a new feature added in the most recent refresh of MQSCX, a wait time on the =conn command. When MQSCX connects to a Queue Manager a message is sent to the command server to determine the platform and version of the remote Queue Manager. This parameter allows you to control how long, in seconds, MQSCX is willing to wait for a response before the connection is considered ‘failed’.

I’m sure there are many uses for comma-separated lists that foritem can iterate over.

The best way to understand scripts is of course to have a go with them yourself. There are various examples in the download, so why not try them out yourself. If you are not currently an MQSCX licence holder, you may email to request a trial licence.


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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