Delivering an MO71 Bundle to your MQ team

While both MO71 and the MQ Client, are available to download off the web, some of our customers choose to create a bundle to deliver to their MQ team to use. With the recent creation from IBM of a redistributable client this idea of producing a bundle can also save the admin team from installing the MQ Client.

MO71 Bundle

This bundle is likely to contain the following items:-

  • MQ Redistributable Client
  • MO71 Executable
  • MO71 licence file – MQGEM.LIC
  • MO71 Config file – MQMON.CFG
  • MO71 Usage Tailoring file – MQMON.AUT

With this bundle, you can provide your admin team with the MO71 tool ready to run, with all queue managers already configured into the tool, and with only the operations they should need to use shown by the tool – no temptations to try clicking on operations they shouldn’t be using. All the team members need to do is unzip and they’re all ready to go. While this mode of working with MO71 is well known to, and used by some of our long standing users, it is of interest to you if you are new to the tool and still getting to grips to all its capabilities.

MO71 Executable and License File

Perhaps the most obvious thing to place in such a bundle is the executable itself. However, to run the executable, you also need a licence file which MO71 looks for in the same directory as the executable by default. Adding your purchased licence file into the bundle saves your MQ team needing a second step to obtain the licence file. Make sure it’s a valid licence for all users, for example a Diamond licence.

MO71 Config file

When you run MO71 it creates a file, MQMON.CFG. This is where all your queue manager locations (and various other settings) are remembered. You can add in all the queue manager locations using MO71 yourself, and then when you’re done exit from the program. You can then add the MQMON.CFG file to the bundle, and all your MQ team members will start off with the same set of queue managers that you had added. If you have a lot of queue managers this could save them some set up time. To save yourself time when setting this up, remember that you can import local queue managers, and queue managers from a CCDT file, and queue managers from an MQ Explorer export to seed your MO71 queue manager list.

MO71 Usage Tailoring

In addition to setting up the queue managers in advance for your MQ team, you can also tailor the MO71 tool to only provide certain features, and to hide others. This is done through usage tailoring and produces the MQMON.AUT file which can then be added to the bundle.

You can learn more about tailoring MO71 in this video.

The new version can be downloaded from the MO71 Download Page. If you don’t have a licence and would like to try out MO71 then send an email to and a 1-month trial licence will be sent to you.


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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