MO71 version 9.0.0 is released

MQGem Software is pleased to announce that a new version of MO71, our GUI Administrative tool for IBM MQ, is now available.

The main features of the release are as follows:-

Support for MQ Command Level 900

As normal with a new release of IBM MQ, there is a new command level. MO71 now supports this new command level and its contents.

Work with Advanced Message Security (AMS) Protection Policies

You can now define, update and delete AMS Protection Policies. Other aspects of MO71 have also been updated accordingly to deal with these policies, for example updates to Default Lists and Usage Tailoring. Read more about this feature in MO71 – AMS Policy Commands.

Support of CCDT URL

MQ V9 allows a connecting application to specify the URL location of the CCDT file to use. This field can be specified in the location dialog. Read more about this feature in Using the CCDT URL

MO71 Monitor Time

Add monitor times to your main window display

Show last monitor time on main window

If you wish you can display the last time (or elapsed time) that a response was received from a Queue Manager that is monitored.

Changing multiple objects can now belong to different Queue Managers

If multiple objects are selected from a list and those objects belong to different Queue Managers then the resulting dialog will qualify each object with their owning Queue Manager. It is now possible, for example, to change the maximum depth of multiple queues on multiple Queue Managers with a single click. Or alternatively you can stop/start multiple channels on different Queue Managers with a single press of a button. Read more about this feature in Changing multiple objects at once.

Changing multiple objects is reflected in the dialog title bar

The text [Multiple Objects] will be shown in the title bar in this case.

Exporting lists now has a new ‘All Fields’ checkbox

MO71 Export All Fields

Quick way to export all fields

Previously, when exporting from a list of objects, only the fields which were actually in the list would be exported. This is useful for certain types of displays, such as text and CSV. However, for MQSC this can mean that you would get an incomplete object definition. A new ‘All fields’ checkbox now allows you to request that all the object fields are exported.

New Buffer Pool and Page Set dialogs displayable

MO71 now supports the display of z/OS Buffer Pool and Page Set objects. Read more about this feature in View Buffer Pool and Pageset Usage via MO71.

The new version can be downloaded from the MO71 Download Page. Any current licensed users of MO71 can run the new version on their existing licence. If you don’t have a licence and would like to try out MO71 then send an email to and a 1-month trial licence will be sent to you.


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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