Changing multiple objects at once

MQGem recently delivered a new version of MO71 that supports the new IBM MQ V9 release. As well as support for the new command level, there were a number of other features in this new version of MO71. One of those new features was a customer request for a way to alter multiple objects at once when those objects reside on different queue managers.

For a long time, MO71 has been able to let you alter a number of objects at once when those objects were hosted on the same queue manager. For example, imagine you have an application that uses a number of queues, and recently that application has made a change so that the messages it uses have got larger than the original MAXMSGL defined on its queues. You can bring up a list dialog in MO71 and select all the queues that need to be changed:-

MO71 Queue List Selection

Select the queues you wish to change from the list dialog

Then open the definition with the context menu Open…, and you will see that MO71 presents you with a single dialog that shows all your selected queue names.

MO71 Queue Dialog Multiple Names

When changing multiple objects, MO71 object dialog shows all the names like this

Find the attribute you want to change, in this example the Max Msg Length, and provide the new value and then click on Update. MO71 always only sends up the values that you change. It doesn’t send up all the attributes on an ALTER command. So if you only change the Max Msg Length to 60000, then an alter command will be sent to each queue thus:-


and all other attributes will remain as they were. For example, all the descriptions of my queues were different and they stay as they were.

Objects on Multiple Queue Managers

In recent versions of MO71, a feature was added that allows you to view multiple queue managers’ objects in one list dialog. In this most recent version of MO71, selecting and changing multiple objects from this dialog where those objects are owned by multiple queue managers, now brings up the same dialog as shown above – just one dialog – and lists all the queue names. There is one important difference in this mode – the queue names are fully qualified with their queue manager name as you can see in the screenshot below.

Imagine you needed to make a change to all your dead-letter queues around your estate. Now you can select them all in a Multi QMgr list and make the change in a matter of a few clicks and keystrokes.

MO71 Queue List DLQ

A Multi-QMgr queue list from where you can launch a change to objects

In this case, when you Open… the definition dialog up, you can see that the queue names are fully qualified with their owning queue manager.

MO71 Multiple DLQ Change

Multiple Objects on Multiple QMgrs – names fully qualified

Imagine how easy it can now be to make wide-reaching changes to attributes on your MQ object definitions.

If this feature interests you and you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can download MO71 from the MQGem website and if you don’t currently have a licence, you may email to request a trial licence.


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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