MO71 – AMS Policy Commands

MQGem recently delivered a new version of MO71 that supports the new IBM MQ V9 release. As well as support for the new command level, there were a number of other features in this new version of MO71. One of those new features was the inclusion of the Advanced Message Security (AMS) policy commands.

AMS policy commands allow you to create policies for the protection of messages on your MQ queues. You can define the following types of policies:-

  • Integrity Policy
    To quote Knowledge Center,

    Integrity protection is provided by digital signing, which provides assurance on who created the message, and that the message has not been altered or tampered with.

    An integrity policy has a signature algorithm, but no encryption algorithm.

  • Privacy Policy
    To quote Knowledge Center,

    Privacy protection is provided by a combination of digital signing and encryption.

    A privacy policy has both a signature algorithm and an encryption algorithm.

  • Confidentiality Policy
    New in IBM MQ V9, to quote Knowledge Center,

    Confidentiality protection is provided by encryption only.

    A confidentiality policy has no signature algorithm, but does have a encryption algorithm. The Key Reuse feature is applicable to this type of policy. Jon Rumsey has a great write-up of this new IBM MQ V9 features on the MQDev blog, MQ V9 Fast encrypted messages with MQ – Introducing AMS Confidentiality Policies.

MO71 Protection Policies Menu

Work with AMS Protection Policies in MO71

If your queue manager is not yet at V9, you can use this latest version of MO71 to manage your Integrity and Privacy policies on your pre-V9 Distributed Queue Manager.

You’ll find the Protection Policy dialogs along with your other security commands.

You can list your policies, amend and delete them, and create new ones through the familiar MO71 dialogs. You can also export them as you can any other queue manager configuration, and filter them using MO71’s powerful filter capabilities.

MO71 Protection Policies Dialog

Use MO71 to display and manage your Integrity, Privacy and Confidentiality Policies

If this feature interests you and you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can download MO71 from the MQGem website and if you don’t currently have a licence, you may email to request a trial licence.


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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