Scripts using foreach on the CCDT

foreachThere are different types of users who use MQSCX. Some like the interactive experience, with tab auto-complete of commands, keywords and objects names. Others like the ability to create and edit CCDT files suitable for any required version of IBM MQ. Others again like the powerful control language which makes writing scripts to interrogate your queue manager a breeze.

Freaking awesome, Paul! I wrote several reporting scripts for a customer a couple of months back. They declined to purchase MQSCX so I was forced to do much of the logic in the script, giving me I have a good basis for comparison of both approaches. The differential in lines of code, complexity and amount of additional billable time I spent would have paid for a site license for several years. The ROI is now more than doubled, possibly even 5x what it was.

User comment on MQSCX – see more at What our customers say

Sometimes those different use cases come together. The control language has a for loop concept where you can easily iterate over all the queue manager objects that are returned by the command server as the answer to an MQSC command, with a script something like this:-

@total = 0
  @total = @total + CURDEPTH
print 'Total CURDEPTH =',@total

You can also write scripts that operate, not on queue manager objects, but on the contents of a CCDT file.

With the latest version of MQSCX, you can use the foreach construct on the items in your CCDT file in just same way as above. Here’s a small example:-

@ssl = 0;
  if (SSLCIPH)
    @ssl = @ssl + 1
print 'Found',@ssl,'SSL Channels out of',_numEach

Now with MQSCX V9.0.0 you can use the powerful control language to analyse and manipulate your CCDT files. Another example of using the foreach construct on a CCDT file can be see in Be sure of your CCDT Version

If you are a current MQSCX licence holder, you can simply download the new version of MQSCX and start using it. If you’re not a current licence holder, and you’d like to try out MQSCX, please email to request a trial licence.


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