Getting going with MQ on IBM Cloud

I’d seen Jen’s Blog Post: Experimental service for MQ on IBM Cloud is here and watched the YouTube video: YouTube Introducing MQ on IBM Cloud and thought I would have a go. Anything that allows me to try out an MQ queue manager in a different way, I’m interested in trying.

I’m new to Bluemix and IBM Cloud but I had an IBM ID already, so I signed up with my IBM ID and got an IBM Cloud account. Then I went to the catalog page for the new Experimental IBM MQ service and it told me I needed to upgrade my account before I could use it. Upgrading my account required a Credit Card. I was initially dubious about this – the catalog description clearly stated this was free!

I asked on Twitter and Woz kindly answered:-

So I bit the bullet and added my Credit Card details. Now I’d be able to make a queue manager!

Unfortunately not. Now the catalog page had another error:-

You don’t have access to any organizations or spaces in this region. Check that you have the appropriate access with your account owner or administrator.

IBM Cloud Region Access Error

I emailed for help to the address in Jen’s blog post, and was told this was caused by not having a Cloud Foundry Org and Space set up in the “US south” region. Here’s how you fix that:-

  • Assuming you’re logged into IBM Cloud look for the Manage menu in the top right of your screen. Choose Manage -> Account -> Cloud Foundry Orgs
  • There will probably be one entry in the list named after your email address. If there’s nothing listed there, click on the big blue button “Add a new Cloud Foundry Org” and give it a name. If you have an entry on the list, click on View Details on the existing entry.
  • The details shown will show the region your Cloud Foundry spaces are in. If the region is not “US SOUTH” then that is why you see the above error. Click on “Add a Cloud Foundry Space” and ensure you choose the region as “US South”, give it a name and add it.
  • Now go back to the MQ catalog entry and the error should have gone away.

Now you can follow along with the steps in the YouTube video: YouTube Introducing MQ on IBM Cloud.

I’m told the MQ on IBM Cloud documentation here is going to be updated to include something similar to the above.

UPDATE: I hit one further problem later on. My API Key password that I was trying to use to log into the MQ Console never worked. I tried lots of different things, and had a few emails with IBM Hursley, before it was found that there was an intermittent authorization problem in IBM Cloud. This was fixed and after that my password worked exactly as the instructions said it should. This was an intermittent problem but I wasn’t the only person to hit it (see question in dWAnswers). If you also hit this problem, I suggest to go back and try it again now that this has been fixed.


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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