Use MQGem tools with IBM MQ on IBM Cloud

Using QLOAD to manipulate messages on an IBM Cloud queue manager

To connect QLOAD to a remote queue manager using a client connection, you need to use either the MQSERVER environment variable or a CCDT. To connect to a basic IBM Cloud queue manager, the MQSERVER environment variable will suffice. In the examples below, fill in your own connection name details in place of mine.

On Windows:-


On Unix:-


Now invoke QLOAD as follows, replacing the queue manager name on the -m flag with your queue manager name.

qload -m MORAGEXPMQ -l mqic -u admin -i CLOUD.QUEUE.1 -fstdout

QLOAD will prompt you for the password since you haven’t supplied it on the command, it will be hidden when you paste it in.

IBM MQ Queue Load/Unload Utility
  Version V9.0.2 Build date:Jul 23 2017
  (C) Copyright MQGem Software 2015,2017. (
  Licenced to Paul Clarke until 08/09/19

Please enter password for QM(MORAGEXPMQ) User(admin) >****************

This particular example invocation of QLOAD will simply print the messages on queue CLOUD.QUEUE.1 to stdout. For more example invocations, please see the QLOAD user manual.

You can if you wish, supply the password using the -U flag on the command line, but then it is part of the program invocation parameters which means other users on the same machine could see it.


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