MQEdit version 9.0.3 is released

MQGem Software is pleased to announce that a new version of MQEdit, our Live Parsing Editor for IBM MQ messages, is now available.

This version of MQEdit makes it easier to manage a group of users using the editor from a central position. The following items have been added:

  • The concept of a master configuration file
    Users can reference a master configuration file and any new or change locations can be automatically imported into their own configuration.
  • Import from another MQEdit (or MO71) Configuration file
    You can now import locations direct from another configuration file.
  • Splash screens
    An MQ Administration department can now cause users of MQEdit to see centrally controlled information whenever the user starts MQEdit or attempts to connect to a Queue Manager. This could, for example, display maintenance schedule information, Queue Manager ownership or support contact numbers.
  • Licence Command
    You can now configure a command to be automatically run if the current licence is either invalid or nearing its renewal date.
  • MQEdit Program update notification
    You can ask MQEdit to periodically check whether there is a later version of the program available.

The new version can be downloaded from the MQEdit Download Page. Any current licensed users of MQEdit can run the new version on their existing licence. If you don’t have a licence and would like to try out MQEdit then send an email to and a 1-month trial licence will be sent to you.


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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