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Welcome to the July edition of the MQGem Monthly Newsletter, bringing you company news from MQGem Software, information about the MO71, MQSCX, MQEdit, MQEV, Q and QLOAD products, our IBM MQ training modules, and interesting articles about IBM MQ.


IBM announced and released MQ for z/OS V9.3.0 this month.

IBM announced the new MQAppliance M2003 which will come pre-loaded with IBM MQ V9.3.

We have updated our post about the V9.3 release here, and will continue to add to the list as more are published by Hursley.

A minor update to MQEV and MQSCX was released at the start of the month to support IBM MQ V9.3.

Further minor updates were made to MO71, MQSCX and MQEV later in the month to support IBM MQ for z/OS V9.3.

A minor update was made to Q to allow two small features, setting ApplName, and wrapping text when outputting it to a file.

With the new IBM MQ and MQ Appliance announcements and releases, there are two new Webinars coming up in August all about these. See the Upcoming Online Events section.

Interesting IBM MQ links

Here are a few links that caught our eye this month.

We share all the above links on our Twitter feed, Facebook page and LinkedIn page so if you don’t want to wait until the end-of-month newsletter, follow us on there.

Upcoming events

There are a number of conference events where IBM MQ will be featured in the coming months.

Upcoming online events

If you’re unable to get to any “in-person” events, then these online webcasts are just what you need.

Product Info

This months highlighted product information is an introductory video about MQEdit.

IBM MQ Latest Maintenance

Make sure you’re on the latest maintenance level of your version of MQ.

Distributed (LTS)

These are the latest Fix Packs at the time of going to press. Check here for the latest versions now, and here for the planned dates for the next ones.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

These are the currently supported CD releases.

z/OS (LTS)

These are the latest RSU Sourceids at the time of going to press. Check here for the latest versions now. Support Summary here.

Handy IBM MQ Resources

If you have a question about IBM MQ that you can’t find the answer to, these resources are good places to ask your question.

Contact Information

MQGem hopes you are enjoying your summer holidays. We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch by email or follow us on one of our social media channels.


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