Integrate Tech Con 2019 – All MQ Sessions

When I go to conferences where there are MQ sessions, but also other content as well, I like to be able to see all the MQ sessions in a grid – makes it easier to figure out which sessions to go to.

I don’t know if you’d noticed, but not all the MQ sessions at Integrate Tech Con are in the Messaging stream? There are a couple in the Partner stream whose abstracts are in another PDF from the rest of abstracts for the Messaging stream. In addition there are several time slots where more than one MQ session is running.

Since I have created it for my own use, I thought I would share it in case others find it useful. It’s a single page PDF which can be downloaded by clicking on the image below. Hope it helps you, and see you at the conference next week!


Looking forward to Integration Tech Con 2019

ITC Flyer Thumbnail

The Conference Flyer

Later this month sees the first incarnation of a new conference held by IBM – Integration Tech Con. It runs from Tuesday 30th April to Thursday 2nd May at the Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine, Texas.

There are six tracks of sessions all with integration themes including many sessions about IBM MQ. You can see the agenda at the above link, scroll down until you see the Agenda PDF link. I won’t add the URL here because the name of the PDF keeps changing.

Both Paul Clarke and Morag Hughson will be there from MQGem Software, and Morag is presenting one technical session.

IBM MQ RDQM: Easy HA – Easy once you know how
Morag Hughson
Tuesday 3:10pm
Room: Red Oak
Abstract: IBM MQ V9.0.4 introduced the new feature RDQM (Replicated Data Queue Managers) as an HA technology. V9.0.5 used much of the same technology to also offer a DR solution. The RDQM feature is branded “Easy HA” by IBM. This user experience shows that RDQM is easy to set up when you know how. Learn the pitfalls to avoid and the preparation to do to make setting up an RDQM queue manager go smoothly.

On Tuesday evening of the conference, from 5:30 – 7:30pm there is a networking evening, called “Community Night”. We’ll both be there if you have any questions, want to see anything demonstrated or just want to chat over a beer.

Through-out the daytime, if you want to have a longer discussion with us about our products, we are also available for 1-to-1 sessions. If you’d like to book in some time for this, please contact us by email at

We’re also offering a FREE month licence to anyone going to the conference (or even if you’re not). Download our products from our website and grab the licence from here and have a play, then bring your questions to the conference. The FREE licence runs until 17th May, so you have some time before the conference to try them out, and then some time after the conference to try out any answers you get from us while you are there.

IBM MQ and MQ Appliance News – March 2019

On Tuesday February 5th, IBM Hursley announced the next in the series of Continuous Delivery releases for IBM MQ V9.1 and the MQ Appliance. IBM MQ V9.1.2 was made available on March 21st.

Downloading IBM MQ Version 9.1.2 Continuous Delivery

Here is the announcement letter:-

Links of interest:-

We’ll collect up any other links about the new release as we find them and put them all here.

More descriptive Application Names in IBM MQ

On Thursday 21st March, IBM Hursley made available IBM MQ V9.1.2, the latest continuous delivery release of MQ. One of the features in V9.1.2 is the ability to set the application name for your MQ application. This is part of the bigger Uniform Cluster feature, but it is also worth taking a quick look at this on its own.

Since V7.0.0, IBM MQ has displayed the application name of a client application in a Channel Status field called RAPPLTAG (Remote Application Name). See my IBM MQ Little Gem #2: RPRODUCT and RVERSION blog post for more details.

AMQ8417: Display Channel Status details.
CONNAME(                      CURRENT
RAPPLTAG(D:\nttools\mqmonntp.exe)       STATUS(RUNNING)

This is possible because the IBM MQ Client code interrogates the O/S to discover the name of the executable and then sends this to the queue manager who puts it on display. This was great for many client applications, but not so much for Java client applications who most of the time were displayed with the wholly unhelpful application name of java.exe or javaw.exe. So in IBM MQ V7.5, the Java client was updated to either automatically send the main class name, or to look for an application provided property to provide a useful application name. This change was made in the IBM MQ V7.5 client code, but did not require any corresponding change to the queue manager – it just caused a different value to be sent by the client. This meant an MQ V7.5 Java client application could be properly identified even when connecting to an MQ V7.0.0 queue manager.

AMQ8417: Display Channel Status details.
CONNAME(                      CURRENT
RAPPLTAG(JmsBrowser)                    STATUS(RUNNING)

V912 Client ApplName

Wind forward to today and in V9.1.2 you are able to set your application name even in a non-Java application, with code like the following:-

cno.Version = MQCNO_VERSION_7;
cno.ApplName = "Something Descriptive";

Which will let you see something like this in your Channel Status.

AMQ8417I: Display Channel Status details.
   CONNAME(                      CURRENT
   RAPPLTAG(Something Descriptive)         STATUS(RUNNING)

We’ve taken advantage of this here at MQGem and have labeled our MO71 GUI Administrator to make it obvious to people what the connections coming from that tool are.

AMQ8417I: Display Channel Status details.
   CONNAME(                      CURRENT
   RAPPLTAG(MQGem Software MO71)           STATUS(RUNNING)

This new feature of setting an application name works for both clients and local bindings applications when both your queue manager and client are at V9.1.2. However for client applications specifically, this works just fine with older queue manager’s as well – all you need is the client (which is freely downloadable) to be at V9.1.2 and your client applications can set the name they wish to be known by.

Conference Material from 2018

There have been quite a number of events throughout 2018 that have had IBM MQ content delivered at them. I hope you were able to attend at least one. The presentation material is online for many of these events, and download links are shown below where we are aware of them.

← Conference Material from 2017

Nostalgia: MQ’s 20th Birthday Party

As we approach the date for MQ’s 25th birthday at the end of this month, I want to provide you with some nostalgia from earlier birthday parties as MQ was growing up. I hope some of you recognise the parties that you attended, what fun we had.

Here are a few photos from MQ’s 20th Birthday Party.

The celebration for MQ’s 20th birthday was held at the IMPACT conference in Las Vegas on 1st May 2013. There was an evening drink reception with Hor D’Oeuvres and of course a birthday cake!

20th Birthday Invite

John McLean, who was at that time VP for WebSphere Connectivity Development, gave a speech about the importance of MQ and wishing MQ a Happy Birthday; then he cut the delicious looking chocolate cake.

MQ's 20th Birthday Cake

Were you there? Did you help celebrate MQ’s last major milestone?

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