IBM MQ and IBM i – Happy Birthday!

IBM i 30 YearsThis year sees the 30th birthday of the platform now known as IBM i (previous names AS/400, OS/400 and iSeries).

Read more about the IBM i Anniversary in Steve Will’s Blog Post announcing the celebrations.

IBM MQ 25This year also sees the 25th birthday of IBM MQ (previous names MQSeries and WebSphere MQ). Celebrations began at the IBM Think 2018 conference with cupcakes. Naomi Scott wrote this blog post as part of the celebrations: The best technology grows and innovates over time

This video was also released as part of the IBM MQ 25 years celebrations.

We look forward to more IBM MQ celebrations as the December date approaches later this year. Follow the #IBMMQ25 hashtag to watch the celebrations.


MQSeries on OS/400 was the first of the distributed platforms to ship, partly due to the alignment with the OS/400 stack. MQ has been on IBM i platform since 1994.

Our very own Paul Clarke was part of the team that developed MQ on the OS/400. He has fond memories of the interesting and challenging discussions that were had with the introduction of the different architecture of the OS/400 machine compared to the Unix and OS/2 machines they had been working on.

To celebrate both birthdays, MQGem is very pleased to announce that all our MQ training modules now include instructions for the IBM i platform as well.

IBM i IBM MQ Birthday

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MQGem Monthly (November 2017)

MQGem Monthly Banner

Welcome to the November edition of the MQGem Monthly Newsletter, bringing you company news from MQGem Software, information about the MO71, MQSCX, MQEdit, and QLOAD products, our IBM MQ training modules, and interesting articles about IBM MQ.


MQGem is pleased to announce the availability of its new online MQ training modules. Read more here. We also offer classroom based education. If you’re interested in either, please get in touch.

Interesting IBM MQ links

Here are a few links that caught our eye this month.

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Upcoming events

There are a number of conference events where IBM MQ will be featured in the coming months. Hopefully you’ll be able to sign up to one near you and obtain some MQ technical education.

Product Info

This months highlighted product information is a video which introduces the MQSCX product.

IBM MQ Latest Maintenance

Make sure you’re on the latest maintenance level of your version of IBM MQ. These are the latest Fix Packs at the time of going to press. Check here for the latest versions now, and here for the planned dates for the next ones.

Handy IBM MQ Resources

If you want to read blog posts on IBM MQ subject matter, these resources are good places to follow. There are a great number of IBM MQ Experts that write in the IBM MQ Blogosphere.

Contact Information

MQGem hopes you have a great holiday season, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch by email or follow us on one of our social media channels.

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Online MQ Training

MQGem is pleased to announce the availability of new online training modules for IBM MQ.

These online, self-paced modules are designed to allow you to get training on IBM MQ without the need to wait for a date where a classroom based course runs.

You do the provided worked exercises on your own machine allowing you to learn IBM MQ in the same environment where you will later need to use the skills you acquire.

In fact, online courses provide many advantages over classroom based education, such as:-

  • Going at your own pace
  • Being able to do it piece meal, an hour here and an hour there, as your current job schedule allows
  • No need to have the whole department away from their jobs at the same time
  • Considerably cheaper than classroom based education

You need a system with IBM MQ installed on it – preferably IBM MQ V8 or V9. If you do not have such a system available to you to use, you can download IBM MQ Advanced for Developers, from IBM MQ Advanced Download Page for free and follow these instructions MQv8 or MQv9 for installing it (or for Windows watch these videos MQv8 or MQv9).

Training modules are continually being added and you can see the currently available set on our website.

The modules are provided on a Web based learning platform to which you will be enrolled on the modules you choose. The dashboard shows your progress as you work through the modules and remembers where you are in the instructions if you leave and later come back.


The Dashboard keeps track of your progress

Instructions are provided for a variety of MQ administration tools including MQSC, MQ Explorer, MO71 and the z/OS ISPF Panels. You press the button in the instructions for the tool you wish to use.

Navigation Buttons

Press the appropriate Navigation Button for the tool you are using

Similarly, instructions are provided for various IBM MQ platforms. Initially UNIX (tested on Intel Linux), Windows and z/OS. Other platforms can be added upon request.

You can try out the first module, MQG-101-00: First steps with IBM MQ, for FREE. This module is freely available for two reasons:-

  • To allow you to try out an MQGem training module and see what the format is like
  • To teach you pre-requisite skills for managing IBM MQ, so that other modules can rely upon you having those skills

If you like the format, why not try some of the other training modules. They are great value for money, providing training in IBM MQ from an expert in the product, for a fraction of the cost of classroom based training.

Sign up for some MQ training today by contacting us at

Education Courses Prize Draw at MQTCv2.0.1.7

At the recent MQTC Conference, MQGem ran a Prize Draw where one lucky entrant would win access to five free education courses by MQGem which will be going live in November. These courses can be done by the winning entrant or any member of his company, so if he has any new members in his department that can benefit from some IBM MQ education, they could use them.

The draw was made at lunchtime on the final day of the conference and the lucky winner was John Edelmann from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

The prize draw winner

Morag Hughson (MQGem) with John Edelmann, the prize draw winner.

John will receive access to his five free courses sometime around the beginning of November 2017 when the MQGem Education courses go live. Look out for further announcements on here if you’re interested in taking some online education courses yourself.