Looking back on 2017

In this post we look back on the year that was 2017 and what happened in both IBM MQ, and MQGem Software.

New Versions

Both IBM MQ and MQGem Software products had a number of new releases in 2017.

MQGem Software products

Three new versions of our premier product, MO71 – a graphical administrative product for IBM MQ. Version 9.0.3 was released in March with various new features including the very popular hostname display for your IP addresses, and User Commands. Version 9.0.4 was released in July with the Activity Trace viewer being its main feature, and then version 9.0.5 was released in August to supply the new column filters feature.

In January of 2017 we also made available the ability to run Microsoft Windows graphical programs such as MO71 and MQEdit which use IBM MQ libraries, on Intel Linux under Wine.

An MQSCX mini version 9.0.1 was released in July with some customer requested features.

Two new versions of QLOAD – our unload/load IBM MQ queues product, were released this year. Version V9.0.1 was released in June with the capability to unload and reload all your queues at once. Then version V9.0.2 was released in July with a customer requested feature providing rated throughput.

Our newest product MQEdit – a live-parsing IBM MQ message editor – also had a new version this year. Version V9.0.2 was released in August providing several more natively understood formats, as request by customers.

IBM MQ Fix Packs and new function

Two new Fix Packs on IBM WebSphere MQ V7.1. Fix Pack was released in January and the last Fix Pack on this release, Fix Pack was released in November. One new Fix Pack on IBM WebSphere MQ V7.5. Fix Pack was released in July.

Three new Fix Packs on IBM MQ V8. Fix Pack was released in January. Fix Pack was released in July. Fix Pack was released in November.

Two new Fix Packs on IBM MQ V9. Fix Pack was released in May/June. Fix Pack was released in September.

There were also three new continuous delivery (CD) releases made available in 2017. V9.0.2 in March, V9.0.3 in May, and V9.0.4 in October. Only the two most recent CD releases are still in support. With each CD release to date, the MQ Appliance has also been available at that level. In addition to the new versions on the MQ Appliance, IBM released support for external storage on the MQ Appliance.

Conference Events

There have been quite a number of events throughout 2017 that have had IBM MQ content delivered at them. A separate post contains all the material that is available on-line from these various events.

Online articles

There have been some really great blog posts written throughout 2017. Lots of the guys in IBM Hursley have been blogging about the new features they have been releasing throughout the year. They have a new blog to host all their posts with the creation of IBM Messaging for admins and developers.

2017 has been a great year for all things MQ. MQGem wishes all its customers, readers, and friends a Happy and Prosperous 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


IBM MQ V9 LTS FixPack 1

IBM recently shipped the first Fix Pack for the V9.0.0 Long Term Support (LTS) release.

Downloading IBM MQ Version

Spotted by one of our eagle-eyed followers, this document indicates:-

IBM MQ Version 9.0.0, Fix Pack 1 is released only on AIX, IBMi, Linux, and Windows. It is not released on HP-UX or Solaris.

EDIT: Fix Pack 1 is now available on HP-UX on Itanium, Solaris on SPARC, and Solaris on x86 64 as of 15 June 2017. Download from the above link.

We asked IBM why this was the case, and here is the answer. was not shipped on HP-UX and Solaris due to an ongoing quality issue in the JVM on those platforms. We expect 9.0.0 LTS maintenance to be available on these platforms in the future. For more info [on the JVM quality issue on those platforms], head here: Oracle Bug Report: JDK-8175251 : Failed to load RSA private key from pkcs12.