IBM MQ and MQ Appliance April News

In April 2016, IBM Hursley had two major announcements that you should be aware of.

EDIT: Now in June 2016 – IBM MQ V9 is available – read more in IBM MQ 9.0 is now available and IBM MQ for z/OS 9.0 is now available.



Firstly we have the announcement of IBM MQ V9 on both the distributed and z/OS platforms. There’s a great blog post from IBM MQ’s Product Manager Leif Davidsen explaining what it all means: IBM MQ V9 – A fast, secure, reliable and more agile MQ.

The “more agile” part of the announcement is all about a new delivery model which there is also an FAQ to cover your questions.

Compare what’s in V9 against V8 and V7.5 with this link (click on the “Compare versions” tab once the page is loaded): Version-to-version Comparison – IBM MQ enhancements at a glance

The IBM MQ V9 Knowledge Center is online

There’s a lot of interest on Twitter about #IBMMQ V9

Also, if you prefer your information in video format, Mark Taylor has created another of his videos to tell you all about it.

He’s also created one about the new AMS Functionality as well.

Other links if interested

MQ Appliance

The other announcement this month is about the MQ Appliance. Leif Davidsen gives us his take on this announcement letter as well, with another blog post with a great headline: Going faster by not moving – IBM Appliance M2001.

Other links if interested

We’ll collect up any other links about the new announcements as we find them and put them all here.


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