Online MQ Training

MQGem is pleased to announce the availability of new online training modules for IBM MQ.

These online, self-paced modules are designed to allow you to get training on IBM MQ without the need to wait for a date where a classroom based course runs.

You do the provided worked exercises on your own machine allowing you to learn IBM MQ in the same environment where you will later need to use the skills you acquire.

In fact, online courses provide many advantages over classroom based education, such as:-

  • Going at your own pace
  • Being able to do it piece meal, an hour here and an hour there, as your current job schedule allows
  • No need to have the whole department away from their jobs at the same time
  • Considerably cheaper than classroom based education

You need a system with IBM MQ installed on it – preferably IBM MQ V8 or V9. If you do not have such a system available to you to use, you can download IBM MQ Advanced for Developers, from IBM MQ Advanced Download Page for free and follow these instructions MQv8 or MQv9 for installing it (or for Windows watch these videos MQv8 or MQv9).

Training modules are continually being added and you can see the currently available set on our website.

The modules are provided on a Web based learning platform to which you will be enrolled on the modules you choose. The dashboard shows your progress as you work through the modules and remembers where you are in the instructions if you leave and later come back.


The Dashboard keeps track of your progress

Instructions are provided for a variety of MQ administration tools including MQSC, MQ Explorer, MO71 and the z/OS ISPF Panels. You press the button in the instructions for the tool you wish to use.

Navigation Buttons

Press the appropriate Navigation Button for the tool you are using

Similarly, instructions are provided for various IBM MQ platforms. Initially UNIX (tested on Intel Linux), Windows and z/OS. Other platforms can be added upon request.

You can try out the first module, MQG-101-00: First steps with IBM MQ, for FREE. This module is freely available for two reasons:-

  • To allow you to try out an MQGem training module and see what the format is like
  • To teach you pre-requisite skills for managing IBM MQ, so that other modules can rely upon you having those skills

If you like the format, why not try some of the other training modules. They are great value for money, providing training in IBM MQ from an expert in the product, for a fraction of the cost of classroom based training.

Sign up for some MQ training today by contacting us at


The team at MQGem would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments here.

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