New training modules: What’s New in IBM MQ V9.2.0 and V9.3.0

MQGem is pleased to announce the availability of two new intermediate training modules covering all the new features in IBM MQ V9.2.0 and IBM MQ V9.3.0.

Each training module has the same aim; to take you through all the features that make up the LTS release, which includes the features in the preceding CD releases that were rolled up into the LTS release.

The two new modules are named:

  • MQG-201-91 – What’s New in IBM MQ up to V9.2.0
  • MQG-201-92 – What’s New in IBM MQ up to V9.3.0

Platform Coverage: Both modules provide instructions for IBM MQ on Unix, Windows and z/OS, but not yet for IBM i.
Module Duration: It is expected that each module will take you around 6 – 10 hours to complete.

Full details of what is covered in each module can be reviewed in our training brochure.

If you haven’t tried an MQGem training module before, you can try out our “MQG-101-00: First steps with IBM MQ” module for FREE. This module is freely available for two reasons:-

  • To allow you to try out an MQGem training module and see what the format is like
  • To teach you pre-requisite skills for managing IBM MQ, so that other modules can rely upon you having those skills

If you like the format, why not sign up to learn about IBM MQ V9.3.0. Our training modules are great value for money, providing training in IBM MQ from an expert in the product, for a fraction of the cost of classroom based training.

Sign up for some MQ training today by contacting us at


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