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Welcome to the October edition of the MQGem Monthly Newsletter, bringing you company news from MQGem Software, information about the MO71, MQSCX, MQEdit, MQEV, Q and QLOAD products, our IBM MQ training modules, and interesting articles about IBM MQ.


MQGem Software turns 10 years old this month! It’s been an enjoyable decade with many interesting challenges. We would like to extend our thanks to the many MQGem customers around the world for their continued support, and helpful suggestions. We look forward to many more exciting developments in the years to come.

IBM released the latest continuous delivery release of IBM MQ, V9.3.1. Read all about it here.

Updates have been released to MQEV, MQSCX and MO71 to support the new command level.

In addition to supporting command level 931, the new release of MQSCX also provides some new features:-

  • New comand =count to control what is counted towards summary report on success/failure. Read more here.
  • New built-in function trimstr to remove blanks (or other characters) from strings
  • New built-in function attrstr to pluck out a complete attribute+value string from a response string (or any other string). Read more about these two here.
  • Provision to use Message Compression (compmsg) and Header Compression (comphdr) on =conn command

Interesting IBM MQ links

Here are a few links that caught our eye this month.

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Upcoming events

There are a number of conference events where IBM MQ will be featured in the coming months.

Upcoming online events

If you’re unable to get to any “in-person” events, then these online webcasts are just what you need.

Product Info

This months highlighted product information is a video which shows you how to export IBM MQ definitions using the MO71 product.

IBM MQ Latest Maintenance

Make sure you’re on the latest maintenance level of your version of MQ.

Distributed (LTS)

These are the latest Fix Packs at the time of going to press. Check here for the latest versions now, and here for the planned dates for the next ones.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

These are the currently supported CD releases.

z/OS (LTS)

These are the latest RSU Sourceids at the time of going to press. Check here for the latest versions now. Support Summary here.

Handy IBM MQ Resources

If you have a question about IBM MQ that you can’t find the answer to, these resources are good places to ask your question.

Contact Information

MQGem wishes you a Spooky Halloween. We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch by email or follow us on one of our social media channels.


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