QLOAD version 8.0.1 is available

QLOAD Diagram After a period of time in free use mode, the QLOAD program can now be licensed in order to recieve support.

QLOAD is a program which allows you to be able to move or copy messages between queues and files. When selecting messages to move or copy, you can filter which messages to work with by message ID or correlation ID; or perhaps some part of the message content; or how old it is; plus many other criteria.

You can download the program and the user manual from MQGem Website: QLOAD Webpage.

Free use of QLOAD will expire at the end of September 2015, after which point you must have an MQGem licence to continue to use it.

This version of QLOAD has the following new enhancements, many of which were requested by users:-

  1. Built on older versions of Unix
    It should now be possible to run the latest version of QLOAD, with all it’s features, on older versions of Unix.
  2. Multi-version Support
    QLOAD will load the MQ libraries from the place identified by setmqenv.
  3. New Message Selection Features
    • Allow Message Selection based on a time-stamp
      For a long time QLOAD has enabled you to select messages based on age. However, now you can select based on an absolute time-stamp. So, you can now easily select those messages put ‘last week’, or yesterday.
    • Allow Message Selection based on Message Size
      Have you ever wanted to get rid of those ‘large’ messages? Well now it’s easy.
    • Allow Message Selection based on Message Priority
      You can now easily remove all the low or high priority messages from a queue.
    • Allow Message Selection based on SQL92 Selection String
      The IBM MQ product allows messages to be got based on an SQL92 selection string that allows you to write sophisticated selection criteria. QLOAD now allows you to use these selections string.
  4. Client Performance options
    You can now explicitly state that you wish QLOAD to use Read Ahead or Async Put. This can increase the speed of QLOAD quite significantly when run over client connections.
  5. New help features
    To make it easier to find the option you are looking for
  6. General Bug fixes
    Sadly software bugs are a fact of life, this version has fixed all those reported to me.